The Champion Services Group

The Champion Services Group teaches and trains in all manner of Human Resources arenas.  They can also do organizational development needs analysis, EEO and Sexual Harassment investigations.  What follows is a brief introduction to their organization.

Welcome to The Champion Services Group, Inc.

”Business is more than making a profit. Business is building working relationships for the long term. Valuing customer differences through an appreciation of unique needs directly improves our ability to retain clients as business partners.” James Champion

The Champion Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is a unique Human Resources and Management Consulting Firm that is local, regional, national and international in scope who is passionate about teaming with clients to collaborate and customize human resource solutions. CSG is diverse in its thinking and process execution, quality driven, customer focused and cost-effective.

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FMI Leadership Institute

FMI is a multifaceted company that trains leaders at all levels.  My primary function with them is to do executive coaching using the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory and the Highlands Natural Abilities Battery.

About themselves, they say, “Strong leadership, from senior leadership to field levels, is essential to navigate your organization through the turbulence of the current economic situation. The playing field has changed. The firms with the vision to realize that now is the time to develop strong leaders will be the organizations that come out of the current crisis successfully. The Leadership Institute focuses on helping individuals improve their leadership skills, including more effectively aligning resources, keeping employee motivation high and setting direction through a clear vision, so they can better manage the current crisis while maintaining momentum and focus on creating a better future.”

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Mannatech is a leading-edge research and development company specializing in critical nutraceuticals.  From their website they have this brief introduction.

The Gift of Wellness and Opportunity

Since Mannatech’s establishment in 1994, the company has led where others have only followed. Mannatech champions revolutionary discoveries designed to help boost your body’s ability to stay healthy. Inspired by cutting-edge aloe vera saccharide research and the emerging field of biologically active polysaccharides, Mannatech developed the world’s first glyconutritional dietary supplement based on plant polysaccharides, Ambrotose® complex, in 1996.

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